Thursday, March 2, 2017

EMRS Farewell


Date: 23rd February 2017
Time: 2:30PM to 5:30PM
Venue: EMRS Room
Theme: Happily EMRS Ever

EMRS has been operating for many years but sadly it is closing down. Our final event was to hold a farewell party for EMRS.

The main objective of the event was to allow past EMRS students and supervisors to come back for a reunion and show their appreciation to EMRS. Our secondary objective was to let everyone reminisce their memories in EMRS. Both team 2 and team 3 were involved in planning and carrying out the farewell party.

Roles & Responsibilities
The roles assigned are as follows:

Overall-In-Charge: Grizel & Jonathan
Finance: Xi Min & Ni Zhen
Logistics: Jermaine & Nadirah
Advertising & Promotion: Wendy & Xue Er

We started planning the event on week 5. We decided on the theme, decorated the venue, and organised activities which would be held on that day. To end the event on a high note, we had decided to decorate the room with balloons as well as use lively colors to lift up the atmosphere. Furthermore, we displayed slideshows of past events organised by EMRS on the computers in the EMRS room. We also designed a signage that we placed outside of the EMRS hallway to direct guests to the various areas of our event.

Our target audience were past EMRS members. To invite past EMRS members to join us in this farewell we have designed a poster with the link for them to RSVP. The poster are shared by the supervisors to create awareness of the past EMRS members. With the response gather from the guest, we are able to estimate the number of guest we would be expecting. We were then, able to cater the food and gift in accordance to the estimated audience who will be turning up.

On the day of the event, we tidied up the room, cleared the tables and chairs and started setting up the booths. Everyone had a part to play in the event and were all assigned a role.

All guests were to register upon arrival and received a prize redemption slip and a number tag to know which envelope they should put their slip of paper, with their best memory of EMRS written down. We had a Memory game, Sinker game, Puzzle game, as well as a Kahoot quiz. There was a photo booth where they could pose with some props. Upon completing the games and taking a photo at the photo booth, they can redeem a limited edition EMRS key chain as well as some snacks. Ms Angela Cheng, Manager of Retail Studies gave a short, heartfelt speech about EMRS and her personal experience with EMRS, back when she was an EMRS supervisor. The slips of paper that were in the envelope were then read out and shared with everyone. During the event we interviewed past EMRS members, to share some of their thoughts about EMRS. We compiled the interviews and photos of past events into a video montage that was screened to everyone.

Displaying IMG-20170223-WA0011.jpg

The day after the event, we had to remove all the decorations, shift all the tables back in place, and tear down the booths.  
In conclusion, this event was a success! Everyone had a great time chatting with each other and reminiscing their good times in EMRS.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

GSM Events and Marketing 2017

Date: 8 February 2017
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: NYP Auditorium

This event aims to help students gain insights on various GS modules and assist them in choosing from 44 different GSMs provided by the different schools in Nanyang Polytechnic. This is the very first time Nanyang Polytechnic students are allowed to select GS modules outside of their school of studies. Our team was given the task to promote BMX201 Events Planning and Marketing Module.

Our target audience for this event are Year 1 students of Nanyang Polytechnic looking for more information on the GSMs provided by the different schools.

We held several team meeting to discuss about the details of the event, plan for fixtures needed, and allocate manpower. We then divided the team into two groups - games and banner. The group in charge of the games had to come up with interesting activities to entertain students who came to visit the booth. The banner design team had to design a banner that would be placed at the event venue beside the BMX201 booth.

Our group came up with two games to be played at the booth. Firstly, puzzle jumble which is a game that requires the participants to assemble puzzle pieces together and guess the name of the event. Secondly, a personality test was created to engage students who were interested in event and also help them have a better understanding of the BMX201 GS module. It would determine what type of event planner they could potentially become if they join the GSM.

The group also brainstorm ideas on how to design a suitable banner for the BMX201 module. After much consideration, we decided to reuse the christmas banner from the previous batch. To refurbish the banner, we wrap the banner with colored paper and then proceeded to cut out styrofoam letterings, painted it, laced it with golden beads and pasted it on the banner.

On the event day, the ICs gave a morning briefing to ensure that all teams understood their roles and the respective time slots.

From 1pm to 2pm, we collected the fixtures required from the ERMS logistics room and transported it to the venue. During the setup, we utilized 5 square based poster stands, 2 electrical extension cords and 1 basket. We also positioned props such as the banner, tables and decorative cubes at the event venue.

At 1.50pm, the first group was called down as each group was required to report 10 minutes earlier to ensure smooth process of the event. The event officially started at 2pm and the first group stationed at the BMX201 booth help to answered questions asked by the students and also promote the module through games and persuasion. Many students who passed by our booth were invited to participate in our games and were introduced to the BMX201 GSM.

From 2pm to 5pm, there was a rotation of groups at every hour interval.

(Mr Simon Tan and the first group)
(Booth Layout and design)

(Curious students at the booth)

(Second group with Ms Quek)

At 5pm, we ensured that all of the fixtures were returned to the EMRS logistics room and were in good working condition.

One of the key learning points of the event was how to manage time and manpower so as to ensure that other events such as the Green Mini Road Show was not neglected. Secondly, we also learnt to be adaptive to deal with different situations and ensure a smooth flow of events.

In conclusion, by displaying good teamwork and proper communication we managed to successfully complete the event and also create an eye-catching banner which attracted the attention of many students.

Huat Ah! The Rise of Rooster- EMRS Team 2

Huat Ah! The Rise of Rooster
(Pre-ordering) - EMRS Team 2


The yearly Chinese New Year pre-order sales event for the year 2017 was co-ordinated and executed by EMRS Team 2. Our target audience includes the lecturers and students of NYP and the objective of our event was to sell Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies at affordable prices, providing the best value for dollar and at the same time, bring convenience to our customers.

Pre-event preparation
This event was planned 4 weeks before the actual execution. The two team members (Darwyn and Shi Xuan) with technical knowledge were tasked to edit the online ordering platform while the rest of the team were tasked to discuss on how we could accomplish our objective – make it convenient. The consensus of the team was to have the goodies delivered to the staff of NYP while students will collect their goodies at block B 409.
The advertising and publicity (A&P) team worked on how to decorate the booth as well as selecting the fixtures required for the booth. They also designed posters and brochures to put around NYP and mobile selling respectively. To complement our booths’ decoration, the A&P team also handcrafted a rooster mascot made from cardboard to match this year's’ zodiac.
Concurrently, the logistics and finance team helped to source for potential vendors and the entire team deciding on the products to sell.          

Day 1

On the first day of the sampling session, team 2 agreed to meet up at 8.00am to start preparing for the set-up of the booth. A handful of us were tasked to cut samples of the goodies, the A&P team were doing final touch ups on the poster and the logistics team were at the logistics room taking the fixtures needed for the booth. Sales on the first day was not what we expected as we only had 9 orders and this was far from what we had initially expected it to be. Moreover, due to unforeseen circumstances, we only managed to set up the booth at approximately 11.45am. However, despite all the obstacles that we faced, we were motivated to make sales on the 2nd day better. Therefore, we were determined to find ways to improve the overall situation of the booth. Some suggested areas of improvement include elevating the product information and cutting the samples bigger.

Day 2

On the second day of the sampling session, the entire team gathered and had a briefing about the manpower plan in the morning. Subsequently, we proceeded to make some minor changes to the overall display of the booth and went on to set up the booth at the venue. We managed to complete the set up at 10.15am thus we commenced the sampling session 45 minutes before the intended timing. At approximately 11am, we started with the mobile selling and the crowd started to build up. The team realized that there was a larger crowd on the second day hence the sales was way better than the previous day and it met our expectations.

At 3.30pm, we started to tear down the booth and took turns to return the fixtures back to the logistics room. At the same time, we also started to key in the orders we have received in the excel sheet we have created.
Day 3
Due to the overwhelming response from our customers, we decided to extend the sampling session for one more day. We started off with the setup of the booth and at approximately 11am, we sent a group out for mobile selling/promoting. The sales on the third day was equally good and it also exceeded our expectations.

After the event, we collated the orders over the past 3 days and stopped taking in orders on the 13th January. The suppliers delivered the goods to us on 23rd January.

Tallying of stocks with the suppliers

Packing of Goods

Lastly, we provided free delivery for all NYP Staff and set up a collection place at B409A on the 24th February.

In conclusion, the whole event was a success! The responses received were overwhelming and our team managed to exceed the sales target of $6000. The entire team has displayed excellent teamwork and determination. Everyone took the initiative to help one and another when in need, thus creating a wonderful and joyous experience for both our customers and the team.