Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Perk You Up Mini Roadshow Team 4

We were introduced to the Event Management and Road Show (Teaching Enterprise Project) on 23 February with a three days productivity workshop before we plan for our first event which is the mini road show. The mini road show requires us to come out with a theme to promote cheers product that we consigned, to the public who enters Nanyang Polytechnic, within the given time frame up till 9th March 2015.  The difficulty we faced was the fact that the actual day of the event
(10th March 2015) is in the middle of the school holidays – the crowd in school is drastically low.

Planning process

Our group spotted the problem and decided to have our focus group targeted at lecturers and students who are back in school. With that, we also did a persona review to find out what they would be attracted to and we came into a conclusion that they would be attracted to a theme that will appeal to them that they can gain happiness and energy – this was how we came out with the theme “Perk you up”.
Our group consist of a total of 14 students. We started out by grouping ourselves into three sub groups namely – Logistics, Advertising and Promotion and Finance team. Each of the sub groups have the own set of roles and responsibilities to maximize productivity – applying what we learnt from the three days productivity workshop. We also ensure that we make full use of our time, ensuring there’s something to do every day when we come in. We spend most of our time settling the Advertising and Promotions as we feel that it was our main driver for the event as it has to be conveyed to the public in order to gain sales. 

We also collected our stocks from Cheers and packed them according to their designated bundle packs. 

We were all blessed with self-motivated team mates, hence, we were able to complete our job smoothly and effectively.

Actual event day
We started to do the set up the booth at 9:30 AM. Including arrangements of our stocks, by our logistics team,  for display and placed our buffer stocks neatly under the table. 

At around 10:30 AM, we started the sales.

With that, our event succeeded with a sales proceeds of $448.50 exceeding our initial sales target of $200. Through this event, we learnt that it is very important to be flexible, adapt to changes and also react calmly and promptly to challenges that may arise in any circumstances.
Leftover consigned stocks were returned to Cheers, the following day after our finance team calculated the sales margin.

Monday, March 16, 2015


On 4th March 2015, Wednesday, it was the fifth day in EMRS for all the current batch students(2014/2015 Period 1) and was also the Team Bonding Day. This team bonding event was held from 2pm to 5pm around the NYP Campus and organised by all the Team Admins. Games were planned in order to foster friendship and bonds within team, and also create a more lively working environment with members from other teams. The games include: Captain's Ball, Human Knot, Dog & Bone.

Planning Stage:

With minimal amount of time, and the event to occur on the fifth day of our stay in EMRS, the 3 team admins were informed that there would be a team bonding session for the entire EMRS team. With that told, we started planning and writing a proposal for the games that can be played during the session. Initially, we planned some games such as Water Captain's Ball, but was later rejected by the supervisors as we did not consider some safety issues or personal issues. Secondly, there was also a game called "HA HA HA", in which participants of the game would be required to lie on each other's stomach and play the game. For this, we also neglected the fact that some people would not feel comfortable with it. However, we came up with back-up games to substitute the ones that are rejected. We also tried to ensure that the games are not boring for the participants.

Event Day:

4th March came within a blink of an eye and it was event day.


We started off the team bonding event with our first activity, 'Dog-and-Bone'. It was held at the open area near SBM club. It was easy for peers to grasp the concept of the game as it is a common childhood game. 'Dog-and-Bone' was the perfect activity to bring the mood up as it promoted enthusiasm and competitiveness in our peers. It also served as an ice breaker as peers were not divided according to the usual Team 2, 3, 4 but instead mixed.

The flow of the game was smooth but unfortunately, on of our members fell and hurt herself while chasing the opponent further into the game. Thankfully first aid was provided and planned prior to the event. The first aider (one of the admins) helped to her wound.

Although what could be improved on the team admin's part was that we could have reminded and briefed the team that safety was important and they should be careful and not be over competitive.

Human Knot

The second activity was 'Human Knot'. It was held at the same area to prevent time wastage in moving from one area to another. Human Knot was played respectively among Team 2, 3 and 4. The purpose of this game is to ensure members communicate and share their ideas with each other so as to arrive to a solution.

Captain's Ball

The third activity was ‘Captain’s Ball’. We chose this game because we wanted them to be more active and interactive. This game of ball catching would improve their communication skills. Teamwork would also come into play in order to win.

The initial plan was for it to be held at the outdoor Basketball court, but due to bad weather, the Team Admins decided to carry the activity out at the Dome even though there was limited space.

At the beginning, the game seemed slow. The girls were quite reserved and did not want to play and most boys were the ones enthusiastic and playing. We then came up with a solution to have a match just between the girls.

Below is a video of how captain’s ball was carried out at the Dome. 


After this event, we’ve learnt that we should be more prepared in terms of planning such as selection of venues to ensure the smoothness of the event.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beauty and the Geek Mini Roadshow Team 3

Pre-event preparation
Our team was assigned to sell the MSC products,we went to MSC studio to have a look at the products available.We then brainstormed for different themes that suit the MSC’s products.Since MSC’s products are mainly beauty products,technological products and bags, we decided to use ‘Beauty and the Geek’ as our theme.


Choosing the Items for the roadshow :)

We liaised with the students from MSC to get our products.
For Beauty,our products indicate masks,nail polish,earrings and facial cleansing foam etc.
For Geek,our products indicate Notebooks, Bags, bottles and iPhone covers etc.

Preparing for A/P
Our banner and posters for the booth.

A rough plan of the visual merchandising.

We came up with the idea of making a nail polish and iPhone cover stand.


On the day of the roadshow

We began our set up at 9.00 am sharp. We recounted all the stocks from MSC to ensure there was no discrepancy. Finance group attained the float and split it among the booth and mobile selling teams.



At 10.30 am, we started our mini roadshow. There were two mobile selling teams who covered the different canteens,TEP centres,classrooms and staff rooms. The rest of us stayed at the booth.

Cheering before the event start !!                               Our Hot Selling Item “STICKY”
Post Event Wrap-Up
After the event, we packed up and return the fixtures back to the fixture room. After which we did the tallying of stocks and counted the cash received.
In conclusion, the event went smoothly on the actual day despite facing some challenges during the planning process. From this event we executed, we learnt that teamwork and communication skills are important elements in an event.