Monday, March 24, 2014

Mini Roadshow: Happiness on the Go! by Team 3

On 18th March 2014, EMRS Team 3 executed Happiness on the Go, the mini roadshow event from 10.30am to 3.30pm. We were tasked to liaise with our school's very own Cheers and consign products from them to sell. The duration of this event was from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. 


To start off, we were given three weeks to plan this event. However, we had limited time as we had another event prior to this which was the SHS event. We were exactly 1 week away from Cheers Mini Roadshow after we officially ended our SHS event and had limited amount of time left to plan and finalize the details such as stocks, equipment needed, theme and props. The first step for us in the initial planning phase was to assign roles such as who would be the overall-in-charge, logistics, finance and one in charge for the advertising and promotions.

After a few hours of brainstorming, we decided on our theme, Happiness on the Go!

One of the problem we faced in the planning process was the numerous changes in prices of the goods. Whenever we were informed that there was a change in price, we have to change the quantity accordingly too.

After much ordeal, we finalized our quantity for the stocks, went around putting up posters and giving flyers to create awareness.

Our stocks!

Edwin and Jo'maine were responsible for stock take.

And the rest was assigned to do the A&P.

Our A&P materials!


On the day itself, we were not very stressed as compared to our first event, SHS event, as we had numerous rounds of practices and rehearsals of setting the booth within time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Setting up!

Expression of our team make when she received rejections during mobile selling.
TA DA! Results of persevering!


Throughout the mini roadshow, from the start to the end, we experienced the importance of  team-work. Our efforts were paid off as we hit and went beyond our sales target of $742.50. All in all, the journey team 3 experienced was certainly fun, exciting and educational! Kudos to Team 3!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Hall Of Fame" Mini Roadshow by EMRS Team 2

Has anyone seen this guy walking around the school????
What about the extremely dressy and gorgeous babes and hunks around school???

Well, they're  from EMRS Team 2!! Our team was tasked to organise a mini road show outside the shopping arcade, consigning products with MSC Studio. The event was held on the 18th March 2014 . It kick started at 10.30am and ended at 3.30pm. Hurray that we managed to hit above our personal target of $350 despite being the holidays.

Planning Stage
Our team was given a few weeks to plan for this mini road show. Everyone was allocated different roles for the event. These roles included, Overall In-charge, Logistic , Finance and Advertising and Publicity.

During the planning stage, our team had to come together to brainstorm and vote on a theme. After much consideration, we finally  decided on the theme "Hall Of Fame". We chose this theme because the products we chose to sell were products that were popular among both students and lecturers. How do we know? We surveyed both students and lecturers on products they preferred. Some of the preferred products were Rock Candies, Hard disks, ear plugs and NYP Shirts.

After collating the surveys, we came up with a product list and went down to MSC to select the products that we would like to have at our road show and proceeded to determine the quantity needed for each product. Our team also decided on a mascot that would attract attention to our mobile groups.
Our "Hall Of Fame"Banner

Advertising and Publicity(A&P) team working on the poster
The artistic outcome of our A&P team

Preparing materials for the Booth
Execution Stage
On the day of our event, our team packed all our booth materials in a box and went down to the fixtures room to collect the fixtures we needed for setting up the booth.

Putting up decorations and displaying products

Our team  used both booth selling and mobile selling concurrently, whereby there would be 4 to 5 people standing at  the booth while the rest were assigned in teams of fours to do mobile selling at various parts of the school.

The box that our mascot wore on his head, it has images of Famous Celebrities on every side of it.
Our group members selling earphones to  Ms Cindy Soh

Mobile selling with the mascot
From this event we learned the various processes of planning and executing an event. Despite the various challenges we faced during the event , we overcame them and had a successful run. We learnt how to think like an entrepreneur and the importance of convincing a customer to purchase our products. We also realised that teamwork, coordination and communication are very important for an event to be carried out successfully.

SHS Student Conference 2014

SHS Student Conference 2014 by EMRS Team 3
SHS student conference 2014 was held on 10 March 2014, Monday from 1.30pm to 5.30pm at the Theatre of the Arts. It took us weeks to actually prepare all the things needed such as signage, student list, and guest list and etc. We did encounter some difficulties along the way while preparing for the event but as a team and with the help of our supervisor, Ms Winnie Quek, we managed to conquer it.

A few weeks before the event we planned out and did a final touch up to the event poster. This event has it's own blog; and we had to update the blog regularly. We did encounter some problem along the way but as a team we helped one another to conquer them and most importantly to ensure that the event would be sucessful.




Team 3

The supervisors, Mr Sudesh and Ms Winnie Quek

Setting up the event

Arranging the poster stands

Registration for students

Registration for guests

The abstract booklets

We had ushers helping out at the event to guide the guests. Edwin (picture below) was one of them.

There were two registration booths; one for the guests and another for the students. Stephanie, Liyana, Jia Xin and Subhani were in-charge of it.

The Overall In-Charge; Amirah (left) & Liyana (right)

Following are the photos while we were giving out the Bento Sets

After the distribution of the bento sets, we took a half an hour break enjoying the bento sets. Afterwhich, we split up into four groups and managed to clear everything within an hour! In conclusion, it was a great experience executing this event and things that cannot be carried out in the classroom. We are definitely looking opportunities like this in EMRS.We would also like to say a big thank you to the SHS course manager, Ms May Yeok for giving us the opportunity to organize this event together with her committee.