Thursday, June 27, 2013


This time round for creative activity, the overall in-charge, Shipei and Jingwen from ERMS Team 3, came up with an interesting idea which no one has done before. It was a visit to the Caregiving Welfare Association which is an elderly center. The event was held on 20th June 2013, 2pm – 5pm.

Any idea what this association about? Well, here is a brief background of the association. Established since 2004, Caregiving Welfare Association (CWA) is a leading agency in caregiving for the elderly through services that enables them to maintain their independence, at the same time improving the quality of life of the elderly through dependable direct care services, and to create a generation of responsible and knowledgeable caregivers.

The objectives of this visit is to let all the EMRS students play a part in contributing back to the society, bring happiness to the elderly and at the same time, to give everyone a chance to learn possible life skills from the elderly. 

The Caregiving Welfare Association!

During the Planning Stage
We were given an approximate of 2 weeks to plan and organize the event, which included brainstorming on what activities to have with the elderly, planning the program flow, checking out the items needed for the activities, planning the manpower as well as recce the venue.Despite being rejected by a number of associations, Jingwen and I did not give up looking for associations that are willing to work with us. Emailing and calling up associations were our daily agenda, however, after a few try, we were able to get Caregiving Welfare Association to work with us! To my surprise, the two person in-charge, Ms. Adeline and Ms. Gladys of the association were also thrilled to be working with us. We were very thankful that they were really flexible with the plans we proposed.

On the Actual Day
On the day itself, everybody met at Bouna Vista MRT Station at 11am. After everybody arrived, we took a bus from the station together and reached the center at around 11.30am.

As the actual activities will only start at 2pm, after everybody settled down, we went over to Ghim Moh Market to have our lunch first.

Due to the haze, we could not conduct our activities at the void deck anymore. Therefore, the only place we could use is the center. 

The space that we have for us to conduct our activities.

After our lunch, we went back to the center to get the logistics and items ready for the activities to start. 

 Getting ready!

As the elderly were informed to report by 1.45pm, most of them were here on time. While some were busy setting up, some were already entertaining the elderly by having small conversations or playing the memory cards with them.  

 Entertaining the elderly!

At around 2pm sharp, everything was in place and all the elderly were present. The overall in-charge, Shipei, started off with a short introduction.

Please listen to me now!!

After that, time for Bingo! One of the popular games among the elderly! 

Bingooooo! Paying attention to the numbers being called!

I’m a Bingo Winner! Yeah!!

Next up was the…… Memory Game! We were quite pessimistic about this game at first, but it turned out that they enjoyed it! As the elderly were separated into groups of 6, there was a mini competition for the memory game! Fastest group that completed the game win some small prizes prepared by us. 

Hmm, where is the other card??

To be fair, we had 3 rounds of the game to determine the winner. And so here are the winners, Elderly team 2! 

 The winners and their prizes! The priceless smile on their face!

After this 2 activities, it was time for a break. And look what we got for the elderly, BREAD! 

After a 20 minutes break, we went on to the last activity. ‘Design Your Own Mask’. All the elderly was given a piece of ‘Cat Mask’ to design on. After which, the supervisors identified the winning mask base on the elderly’s’ creativity.

Elderly on the move!

Cheers to one of the winner! Congrats!

As we completed all our activities ahead of time, we decided to have a few more rounds of bingo with the elderly since they enjoyed it.

At around 4pm, we packed and cleaned up the place. All the elderly left the center with a huge smile on their faces.

Although it was a long and tiring day and despite being squeezed in the humid room I am sure everybody enjoyed themselves and felt the joy of spreading happiness to the elderly. To conclude, the overall in-charge, Shipei and Jingwen, would like to thanks the association for giving us a chance to make this event a successful one and also to the whole EMRS team who helped out in the event in one way or another. You all did a Great Job! J

Shipei and Jingwen :) 

Friday, June 21, 2013



 Mini Road show by EMRS Team 3

Team 3 - DBI students were tasked to organize a mini-road show selling products opposite shopping arcade. The road show was held on 12 June 2013 from 10.30am to 3.30pm.
We had to draw lots between selling MSC and Cheers products. Keeping our fingers crossed we were hoping not to get MSC products as they are generally more difficult to sell compared to the food and drink items in Cheers. However we were given MSC products to sell and hence we decided to take in this challenge!
Planning Stage
Upon being briefed by our supervisor on the procedure and target to achieve for this mini road show, we were given 2 weeks to prepare.
The very first thing we did was to identify the ICs for respective roles whereby, Zan Jin was the overall IC, Shi Ting the A&P IC, Nikki the logistics IC and Shi You the finance IC. We were only given a budget of $20 to create, design and prepare our posters for advertising and materials that would be needed for display on the day of the road show. We were worried that we would overspend and not meet the budget but we only ended up spending $16.40. YAYYYY! Our very first challenge accomplished, we did not overspend. J
We walked into MSC Studio a couple of times to take a look at the products and brands that they carry. Before selecting the products we would like to sell during our mini road show, we checked with the other student-staff at MSC Studio on which are the popular and most-sellable items. Based on their recommendations we decided on selecting small items such as face masks, made in candy sweets and accessories etc. Thus coming up with our very own theme, “LITTLE THINGS ON YOU”.
Only after receiving approval from team members and our supervisor we proceeded to determine the items and the quantity we needed for each item for the road show.
Meanwhile the A&P IC and the team brainstormed ideas on our poster and theme design for the mini road show. Both the logistics IC and A&P IC also worked closely on the other factors such as the set up design for our booth during the mini road show, choosing the equipment we needed for displaying the products from fixtures room, measuring the given space and the number of tables needed and also our dress code. The team then proceeded to work on the decoration and product display.

Our Poster!

More Posters!

Featuring the event details and our products

On the mini road show day, we started set up at 9am and we had to start our sales at 10.30am sharp. Enthusiastically as a team we did our set up and managed to complete set-up on time.
Event Day

Setting up our booth, displaying the products and price tags

Our Final set up! Booth all ready for us to start our sales for the day! 

Team 3 DBI students at our booth.

At the beginning we did face a problem attracting customers to our booth, one of the reasons was that it was during term break and the customer count in school was lower compared to normal school days. However we managed to overcome this challenge as we were given permission by our supervisor Ms Quek to play music. It was a good decision as the crowd started to grow during lunch hour and our cashier and team members at the booth had to work non-stop.

Shi Ting attending to a customer, displaying good salesperson qualities.

Customers at our booth.

Zan explaining to the customer about the different products with Shi You and Anita recording the quantity of items that they took for mobile selling.

The secondary school students who helped us with the mini road show. They did a great job by helping out at the mobile selling and boosting our sales revenue!
We did not take any mobile selling pictures but it was part of our manpower plan. 4 of our team members would go for mobile selling and the other 4 would man the booth. So as to ensure that there is a smooth customer flow and nothing goes missing or gets stolen from our booth. The secondary school students did an amazing job at the mobile selling. A huge part of our sales revenue was from the mobile selling.
EMRS Team 3 member supporting us! Thank you!

We managed to meet our sales target, even before 3.30pm. This was definitely not what we expected. The event ended around 4+ as there were still customers making purchases from our booth and we managed to clear up the equipment and products in a neat and efficient manner. Our kind supervisors Ms Choo and Ms Quek also helped our cashier, Nikki to count and record our sales for the day.
We were very proud of our team’s hard work and effort. We took the challenge and did a remarkable job! Yayyyy! J
Organising this road show was a first time experience for most of us in the group; it was an enjoyable and memorable experience. After the event, there was a sense of satisfaction and pride as not only did we meet our target but we surpassed it. We overcame our challenge. We made a total of $438.50, which is double the target given to us.
There were a lot of learning points from this experience such as coming up with proper planning on the manpower list and equipment required, understanding each other’s working style and attitude, and most importantly working together in a team.
The mini road show was a fun and fruitful experience.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Green Fair 2013 - "Greenadary"

Organised by our very own Team 2 students from Events Management and Road Show, Green Fair is back! :)

Guess how we got this name for our event?

One of our team members, Shawn, got the inspiration from Barney Stintson in “How I Met Your Mother”. The character has a favourite phrase, which is Legendary. That was how we combined Green with legendary to make it sound nice!

Sourcing for vendors was one of the toughest challenges we faced because we had to find vendors that sell organic products. It was tough and contacted dozens of vendors and finally managed to secure 9 suitable vendors! And these were The Body Shop, LDM Marketing, Book Express, Uncle Tony’s Garden, Human Nature, Etrican, Wild Products, My pastry and Coolgurt.

As this was a green fair, we enlisted the help of NEA to supply banners promoting the conserving of energy, as well as the 3Rs.

Our team also made some exhibits to educate the shoppers on how they can go green. The exhibits fit our theme of Educate, Implement and Sustain.  These included:

“ The Liter of Light”.
We got this idea from a web: and decided to do a live size exhibition to let people see how it works, and also to pass the message down that a simple recycled water bottle can change people’s everyday life dramatically.
In Philippines, the people use discarded plastic bottles, fill it up with water and bleach so that the water will not turn mouldy. They then put it on their roof to reflect solar light into the room.

The second exhibit would be fun facts done by our very own teammates! These included a model tree (fact: For every ton of paper used for recycling, 17 trees are spared.) Other information represented include the fact that the amount of waste paper buried each year would fill 103,488 double decker buses. Also recycling one aluminum can will save enough energy to power your television set for three hours.

“GREENERDot” is a card game actually designed and created by an NYP student Pang Yu Han. It is to educate people about the green issues and places unique to Singapore using a fun and interactive way. We set up a booth to demonstrate the card game. 

On the first day of the event, we met at 8am to do the set up of the event. Some problems we encountered were the delay in the borrowing of fans, not knowing how to use the sound system and a few vendors coming late to set up. We also realized that there was a low general awareness of the event.

With immediate solutions like approaching the person-in-charge to borrow the fans to circulate the air in the atrium and setting up the sound system with the supervisor’s help, we managed to start our event on time. As to the lack of awareness of the event, flyers were designed and given out to passer-by to draw them to our event. Indeed, more people came down to the atrium and some of them were holding the flyers.

On the second day, we decided to meet at 8.30am to start the set-up of the event as we were more familiar with the setting up of logistics. We even got a treat from our supervisor as everything went smoothly for both set-up and tear-down of our event area. On the last day of the event, the tear-down was slightly more tiring compared to the past two days as we needed to clear everything in the atrium.

Though the various stages of planning, contacting vendors, executing the event was tiring, the team has definitely enjoyed bringing Greenadary 2013 to NYP. The vendors praised us for the event well run. Other visitors commended us for some interesting exhibits and products. All in all, a successful event indeed!

Monday, June 17, 2013

SBM Graduation 2013

Prior to the event, members of our team had to help the facilitators by role playing the graduate, going up on stage to receive the diploma and making our way down. We had to rehearse 2 times a week for about 3 weeks each session spanning 3 hours!

On 29th May 2013, we reported as early as 7am in school.
We dressed in our smart blazers and headed down to the auditorium for a briefing by Mr Raymond Wong on our duties for the day.

We were assigned to usher and do crowd control to ensure we can start the ceremony on time. Other team members were stationed at the registration booth to issue graduate’s seat numbers. Registration was smooth and done without hiccups throughout the day.

Our other duty was to usher graduates in an orderly manner to their seats. We were also tasked to ensure that the graduates were present when needed.
It was a long day of 3 sessions of graduation ceremonies, but we had breaks and treated to some delicious food in NYP lounge.

At the end of the day, we were happy to get good feedback on our performance by the lecturer in charge. We have learnt that a huge amount of effort needs to be put in to make sure that the event runs through smoothly. We have also seen the importance of good communication amongst the event organizers. Something that seems as simple as timing of stage lighting required a lot of communication to perfect, and we observed that firsthand. All in all, it was a tiring day but we enjoyed the event and we were happy to have helped our seniors have a memorable graduation.


Team 2 Mini Roadshow
Hello all, it’s time for team 2 to post another event in the blog again! In this post, we would like to introduce you to our Mini Roadshow that was held on the 12 June 2013, from 10.30am to 3.30pm. For this event, we were supplied by Cheers to sell sweets, chocolates, snacks and drinks.

Display of products

We only had a few days to plan for this event as we were all involved in Green Fair from 4th to 6th June. In a short period of time, our team came up with an interesting concept called ‘My Eye Candy’. We were inspired by the “eye candy” of NYP.  As we were selling sweet products and nice snacks, our team decided ‘Sugar Spice and Everything Nice’ was the best tagline. 


During our planning period, we were given a sales target of $250. It may sound little, but it was a challenge for us as our roadshow was held during school’s term break! Still, we managed to overcome it and not only did we hit the sales target, WE SURPASSED IT!

We were so excited and had a great time during the event! Although the set up was tiring as we had to carry heavy boxes of stocks and fixtures, it was satisfying to see our booth beautifully presented! We had a fun time interacting with customers, recommending our items and making sales! One reason we managed to hit our sales target was because we had support from our team members as well as team 3. They came down to show their encouragement by buying things from us and it was much appreciated. We also had two team members assigned to mobile selling during lunch break which helped boost our sales!

Support from both teams! 

Getting ready for mobile selling!

Some of the questions were raised by customers who are concerned of the product origin and what it contains so we learnt that product knowledge is important. It is also vital that we keep a good count of the goods sold especially those on promotions as well as the money collected and change given to ensure that there will be no discrepancies at the end of the day.

Overall, each of us learnt the value of team work and had a sweet experience! 

Other Photos!

I Appreciate Event

I Appreciate Event

Team 3 was tasked to execute phase 2 of ‘I Appreciate’. This event was held from 4th June 2013 to the 6th June 2013, 10 A.M to 5 P.M at the NYP Lounge.

The purpose of this event is for all NYP students and staff to show and express their gratitude to those whom have supported them throughout part of their life jouney in NYP.

The overall ICs for this event were James & Asyik. Important roles such has coming up with posters & manpower allocation were also part of their responsibilities. The team carried out a site inspection a few weeks before the event to draft out a floor plan in order to come up with the appropriate logistics required.
Our team was in charge of the registration and also managing of the collection point of the shirts.

Student helpers from various schools were also present to give a helping hand in the selection of sizes of the shirts, ushering and managing of the crowd consisting of both students and staff who visited our event. There is approximately a total of 9,000 T-shirts available for redemption of which, around 4,000 shirts were given out during the actual event.

                                           Sizes for tryouts

     Hmmmm? Does size S fit me?

 The queue

Helpers From The Event

  A Big Thank You to the helpers !!

   The Registration Team

Shipei & Shi Ting Enjoy only !

Asyik & Gavin on the ball !

   Collection Point

Asyik passing the T-shirt to a student with a Colgate Smile ;)
Sorry ma’am, but you need the “Redeemed” chop

Overall, the event was a success, the queues from registration and collection points were free from jams and everything went on smoothly. Ushers did their part in directing the students and staff with no time wasted.